Leaders Conflict Forum

The Leaders Conflict Forum is a leadership development program designed for those who want to develop themselves and build conflict competence in their team or organization.

As a participant, you will:

  • Attend a series of six 90 minute live webinars with Gordon and Julia.
  • Be introduced to the 8 Dimensions of Conflict Leadership to continue your journey in becoming a stronger, collaborative and conflict competent leader.
  • Ask your individualized questions directly to Gordon and Julia.
  • Dive deeper and learn more comprehensive and practical applications of the 8 Step Difficult Conversations Model as applied to your leadership context.
  • Participate in an exclusive forum to discuss conflict topics and challenges with other leaders.
  • Apply the How to Have Difficult Conversations course concepts to coaching employees and mediating difficult conversations between others in conflict.
  • Learn to teach your own team in the 8 difficult conversation steps.

Leaders Conflict Forum

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The Leaders Conflict Forum is designed for those who have taken or are taking the How to Have Difficult Conversations course

Here’s a look at what you’ll learn each week:

Session 1 – Dimensions of Conflict Leadership
This session outlines the dimensions of understanding and action that empower you to lead an organization to greater conflict competence and highlights leader responsibility for conflict. From the beginning, there will be ample opportunity for peer sharing and learning.

Sessions 2 and 3 – Practice the Difficult Conversations Model
To be able to model the way, leaders must become proficient in collaborative conflict engagement. These two debrief sessions give leaders the opportunity to apply the learning from the How to Have Difficult Conversations course to their organizations and practice situations relevant to them.

Sessions 4 and 5 – Conflict Coaching and Mediating
These sessions teach leaders two different ways to assist team members who are in conflict; coaching and mediating. In both cases, the leader uses the Difficult Conversations model. When applying the model to coaching, the leader assists one individual to prepare to be more collaborative and effective in a given conflict. When applying the model to mediating, the leader assists two individuals at the same time.

Session 6 – Train the Trainer
This final session is designed to support leaders in educating their own team or organization in how to have difficult conversations and how to make use of the model to create a conflict competent culture.

Our experience has revealed three key components on the road to creating a conflict competent culture:

  1. People need a common understanding of how they will deal with conflict. We have built the Difficult Conversations model based on our decades of experience as mediators in the organizational trenches helping employees and managers bridge their differences and come to common understandings to move forward collaboratively.
  2. Leaders need to walk the talk when it comes to being conflict competent. As leaders step into this identity, they begin to contemplate and plan how to carry out culture change. When leaders engage with this material and have the opportunity to talk about how to institute change, meaningful culture development begins to occur, policy gets developed, and practices are embedded.
  3. The team or organization needs a program to spread culture change throughout. This kind of change requires champion leaders who want to see collaborative practices take hold throughout the organization and are prepared to invest their time into the coaching, training, and supporting of these capacities.

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What people are saying...

“Julia and Gord offer a service that takes leadership to a higher level. A significant part of any leader/administrator's day is dealing with conflict and the "On Conflict Leadership Institute" is a personalized process that helps one learn how to deal with conflict with people who are reasonable, and more importantly, unreasonable. Julia and Gord teach, coach, and mentor leaders how to prepare, listen, strategize, and follow up with stressful people. Julia and Gord, as a team, use their listening skills to an extraordinary level. Between the two of them, they are able to distinguish and challenge the learner to address their own personal weaknesses. They do this in a very compassionate, yet firm manner. They offer support and enable the learner to determine their own areas of growth. Their coaching "check-ins" help the learner to appreciate any progress that has been made, and then again Julia and Gord help the learner to "dig deeper" into their leadership potential.”
Kathy Korman
Principal, Island Catholic Schools
“Gordon and Julia provide tangible, concrete steps (complete with practical exercises) to identify, address, and resolve the source of conflict.”
Jessica Colasanto
Operations Manager, Lift Community Services

Leaders Conflict Forum

Join the waitlist to be notified of the next Leaders Conflict Forum

The Leaders Conflict Forum is designed for those who have taken or are taking the How to Have Difficult Conversations course

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