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Difficult Conversations Group Coaching gives you the opportunity to practice skills learned from the How to Have Difficult Conversations course. These sessions enable you to really integrate the course!

As a participant, you will:

  • Attend a series of live Zoom sessions with Gordon and Julia
  • Dive deeper and learn more comprehensive and practical applications of the 8 Step Difficult Conversations Model
  • Ask your individualized questions directly to Gordon and Julia
  • Have opportunity to practice and connect with other participants
  • Each session will be recorded and available for a year if you are not able to participate live

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Here’s a look at what you’ll learn each week:

Session 1: Collaborative Foundations
We begin the journey with an exploration of collaborative beliefs and practices – the foundation of a productive conversation. You get an overarching blueprint of how the conversation goes from beginning to end.

Sessions 2: How to Prepare
The better prepared you are for a difficult conversation, the better it will go. In Session 2, we deepen understanding of the three steps of preparation (Steps 1, 2 and 3) from the course and provide opportunity to prepare for a real conversation you have had or need to have.

Session 3: Starting Well
We cover the first two steps of engagement (Step 4 and 5) which both focus on the importance of the early stages of a conversation. You learn and practice how to connect well because no matter how challenging differences are, if you can connect over them, you can make progress. It’s also paramount to learn how to introduce a problem without triggering others and it takes a bit of practice to gain the habit of doing this.

Session 4: Building Understanding
Here we dive into the deeper parts of a conversation that offer the possibility of transforming relationships. On a concrete level, you want to know how to listen well to the other person and share the perspectives and needs that build the understandings required to solve the issues brought to the conversation.

Session 5: Integrating the Gains
The ending elements of the conversation are often glossed over so we want you to understand how to systematically tie things up in a way that ensures progress you make is integrated and sustained. This includes effective problem solving, recording of agreement points, and follow up monitoring, communication, and meeting.

Diving Deep Together!

To participate in the VIP Group Coaching, we request you come with the fundamental knowledge found in the How to Have Difficult Conversations course. The VIP Group Coaching is the place to bring your questions, to practice, and receive guidance on how to best apply what you’re learning to your particular situations.

If this journey appeals to you, then Group Coaching is for you!

If you would love to bring in a group coaching experience for your team or organization, send us an email inquiry!

Contact us to discuss the different ways Group Coaching can be delivered!

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