Confidently and comfortably engage in difficult conversations using our practical, systematic method without the anxiety of repeating past traps.

Learn the skills, strategies and tools you need to be a conflict competent leader.

Transform your challenging relationships into innovative and creative collaborations through a few hours of online learning.

Take a big leap forward in your leadership capacity.

Does this sound familiar?

You know you should be engaging in those workplace conflicts but you either don’t know where to begin or don’t know how or other priorities are getting in the way.

  • Have you ever felt a knot in your stomach when thinking of speaking to someone?
  • Have you ever swept your people problems under the rug only to trip over them?
  • Do you find your working relationships are damaged when you open your mouth?
  • Are you confused about not knowing how to start a difficult conversation?
  • Are you sick of damaging relationships when you open your mouth?

Download the Difficult Conversations course flyer to learn more.

The one big mistake we see is people avoiding a difficult conversation until it blows up in their face. Download the Difficult Conversations course flyer to learn more.


A stressful issue getting resolved in a win-win way

Here’s what it would look like:

  • You know how to prepare for the discussion effectively and efficiently
  • You feel confident before you start
  • You open in a way that engages the other person
  • You both take the conversation deeper by knowing what matters most
  • You’re able to respond to defensive reactions
  • You walk away with more innovative and creative solutions useful to both

How to Have

Difficult Conversations

Online Course

Turn your stressful relationships into collaborations that produce innovation and creativity.

Presented by Julia Menard and Gordon White

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What makes the How to Have Difficult Conversations course different?

How to Have Difficult Conversations is the first of its kind that teaches you a simple and collaborative step-by-step model to master difficult conversations. Difficult conversations are the ones you know you should have but really wish you didn’t have to have. They are the conversations that feel risky, scary, and even dangerous in some way.

This course is:

  • Simple to understand and apply.
  • Time efficient compact learning with powerful outcomes.
  • Infused with powerful tools that address the common roadblocks that people face.
  • Available from the comfort of your home rather than going to class.
  • Applicable at a multitude of environments including work, home and community.

Course Learning Outcomes

You’ll learn how to have difficult conversations so that you can lead effectively. By the end of this program, you’ll be able to respond effectively to challenging situations.

You’ll learn the best ways to:

  • Gain courage and confidence to get the conversation started
  • Overcome the challenge and risk of hurting someone
  • Get the other person to the table if they are resisting
  • Uncover your motivation, energy and power to keep going
  • Manage your emotions so you can keep talking
  • Get your voice and thoughts heard
  • Reflect upon the experience of having a difficult conversation

Are you ready to become a conflict

competent leader?

Get immediate access to How to Have Difficult Conversations for the introductory offer of only $297 CAD.

Are you interested in up-leveling your learning and putting it into practice? Find out about our VIP Group Coaching to accompany the course.

What's in the 8 Step Difficult Conversations Model:

Step 1: Find your motivation
Step 2: Build your power
Step 3: Set up the conversation well
Step 4: Establish connection
Step 5: Identify the problem
Step 6: Develop understanding
Step 7: Innovative problem solving
Step 8: Follow-up and evaluation

Want more information?
Download the Difficult Conversations course flyer.

51 page workbook. 12 videos


If you’re dissatisfied with the course, please be in touch within 10 days of purchase for a full refund.

We’ve created this course after helping hundreds of people in organizations transform conflict.

We’ve been working with people in conflict for years and realize that people want to resolve their issues but don’t have the skill to do so on their own. We’ve created this online course to provide you the capacity to easily and effectively empower you to resolve your own issues. This is the foundational program that we use in our consulting work and everyone uses it with great success.

Julia & Gord

Why this course is for you...

  • This course is designed to turn your difficult conversations into productive ones that advance your goals and those of others. Learn our step-by-step model to prepare for any difficult conversation.
  • Completing this course will give you more confidence and skill so you won’t spend countless hours avoiding and stressing about that difficult conversation you need to have or jump in and make it worse.
  • Feel more empowered and clear, and most importantly, start to take productive action!

Now is the time!

Don’t delay, don’t let those little pinch conversations build up to big blow ups.
Take constructive action today.

Are you interested in up-leveling your learning and putting it into practice? Find out about our VIP Group Coaching to accompany the course.


Is there a specific start date or can I enroll at any time? After purchase, you have access to the course for one year so you can come back to the material as new difficult conversations arise. You can log-in to start immediately and learn at any time.

How much time does this course take to complete? The videos take approximately an hour to watch and most handouts are one to two pages.

What are the uses for this course? This course is designed to be used in multiple ways: as a stand alone, as preparation for difficult conversations and as a review. The 8 Step Model is adaptable to coaching members on your team or helping two others have a conversation.

The biggest risk is avoiding conflict.

Are you interested in up-leveling your learning and putting it into practice? Find out about our VIP Group Coaching to accompany the course.

What people are saying...

“If you are struggling on how to have that tough conversation, this is a great course to take. Julia and Gordon with their years of mediation experience present the course material in a clear, logical, effective and engaging way. The role plays with feedback along with the written resources provided a wealth of information. It’s a fast-paced course that provides a pragmatic approach to help you prepare to effectively handle those difficult conversations.”
Andy Mendel
Investigations Manager
“I liked the practical elements of it, and also liked doing it with my little team! I think it’s so valuable to do this work with people you work with or have relationships with. I will start using it right away in preparing to have conversations.”
Dr. Rae St. Arnault
ND, Co-Founder, Empower Health Clinic
"What an insightful course. Julia and Gordon have found a way to introduce a challenging topic with practical techniques that can be used immediately."
IT Supervisor
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