Conflict Consulting

Are you a leader wrestling with conflict?

As a leader with many responsibilities, finding the capacity to cope in times of conflict can seem impossible. We understand your challenge.

When you choose to work with us, you will have personalized attention to your specific and unique conflict dilemmas. We collaborate with you to co-design the approach best suited to your particular needs.

The work we do is interchangeably called coaching, mentoring or consulting. We are also often called in for mediation that transitions into consulting.

Connect with us to become a more empowered, conflict competent leader.

From my experience, the On Conflict Leadership Institute supports organizational leaders to lay, and build upon, a foundation of workplace culture and safety through common and understood expectations, policies and processes for employee engagement, education, and conflict management.
Robyn Monrufet
President and Board Chair of the Alberni Valley Hospice Society

Our personalized approach gives you the opportunity to explore the following types of questions along with any specific topics you come to us with:

  • How do I create a conflict competent culture in my team or organization?
  • How do I help turn this conflict around in my area of responsibility?
  • What may escalate or de-escalate the situation?
  • How do I plan the steps I need to take over the next couple of weeks?
  • What and how do I communicate about this to stakeholders?
  • How can my team work better with issues when they come up?
  • Where did I go wrong and how can I be more effective?
  • What are the dos and don’ts of effective conflict management?

Would you like to have a free 30-minute consultation? Email us today to see how this opportunity fits into your overall big picture to help yourself, your leadership team and your entire organization to effectively address conflict.

Your contributions to your field are outstanding. I'm really lucky to have crossed paths with you, as the work you are doing and we are doing is the closest I have felt to being "on my path" in recent years. I am even more committed to developing a more functional conflict management system at Lift.
Stuart Clark
Executive Director, Lift Community Services
I can hear your voices reminding me of my strengths and your words of encouragement.
Kathy Korman
Principal, Island Catholic Schools
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